This blog will rest in peace…..

Hey guys,

It is now official….. this blog will no longer be blogging!  With that said make sure you check out our new blog for

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography !!!!!!




Big news for Erika Liz Photography / Erika Dotson Photography

Hey Guys!

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard Erika Liz Photography no longer exists (we’ll except to a few previous booked clients)!  Ok ok ok so I know you’ll be asking all these questions in your mind so I’ll try to answer them all for you, if in the event you are still left wondering about something be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.

Q) What is going on?

A) Erika will still be trudging along here in Northwest Arkansas and still providing you with wedding photography as well as portrait photography so be sure to schedule those fall portraits today!  Be they seniors, families, or just for fun!

Liz on the other hand has moved on to bigger and better things.  She has moved to Dallas, TX to pursue the work of the ministry.  I know that’s a big goal for them and she will still be shooting down there as well, so if you’re a Dallas, TX blog reader be sure to give her a call. So congrats to her and good luck!

Q) You still have packages that include a second shooter, who will that be?

A) We have a list of highly qualified second shooters that we find very talented and capable of providing you with amazing wedding photography!  So no worries.

Q) What is the new website for Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography?

A) It will be Erika Dotson Photography!!!!  That’s exciting!  But be sure to have a bit of patience with me as I am in the process of transferring all the technical websity stuff.  I will have a new blog up very soon so be sure to subscribe to that one when it’s launched!

Ok that’s all for now I’m getting sleepy.



Chris and John Leach

Chris and John were married on May 30th in a gorgeous Little Rock Chapel,  Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic Church.   Chris and John were both very laid back and easy going, making it a wonderful smooth sailing wedding.  Their reception was just the same and fun of lots of laughter and cheer.  We want to wish you many happy years together!  I will be posting a link shortly were you will be able to see the rest of their wedding album.  But here’s a few teasers to curb your Chris and John appetite!

I told you this chapel was gorgeous!


The happily married couple!


I believe this is happily married as well……..  🙂


I saw these place cards and loved the handwriting, Chris will you please make me a new font!


I’m a huge sucker for dad and daughter moments!  Chris’ dad was so funny and such a nice guy.  I’m honored to have met him.


Both of them graduated from U of A, hence the Razorback cake.



We wish you warm wishes and many happy years together Chris and John!

Be sure to watch out for a post later with a link to their wedding gallery!


Mark and Shilohs Wedding Sneak Peak!

Mark and Shiloh got married in Kansas City, MO at the most awesome art gallery the Art Incabator. I only have a couple finished but thought I would go ahead and posted a couple of the Bride and Groom Shots!

And one more just because I love it!

I’ll post more in a couple weeks.


Shiloh’s Bridals

We had been working on her wedding for the last few days before we had taken these photos. We were both pretty much exhausted and even worse we locked the keys in the car!! In Downtown Kansas City! Anyways we manged to pull off some awesome shots still! Thanks Shi. I love you and you looked stunning!

Since we were in Kansas City we HAD to use a grafitti wall since we have none here!


Tanner & Gabby 04.19.2009

We had such a blast shooting Tanner and Gabby’s wedding at the beautiful Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel of Bella Vista, AR. They are such a fun couple with some many life experiences and awesome memories of their travels all over the world. Their flower came from the talented florist at Shirley’s Flowers. They had two amazingly beautiful cakes from Shelby Lynn’s from Springdale. We also had the pleasure of working with Nilo Productions for the first time and he was great. We really cant wait to see what he has come up with! Simple Pleasures provided the amazing antique Lincoln. The reception was at Crabby’s in the Coca Cola building in Rogers, AR. Congrats to you both! We know you both will have some amazing  journeys to share together as husband and wife, and we wish you the very best of luck.

Elisabeth from Glo in Fayetteville did a wonderful job on Gabby and her girl’s makeup!

We both loved how everyone in the party was doing their eyes at the same time.

After the ceremony we headed down to Bentonville Square and to an old barn  to take some beautiful Bride and Groom portraits.

Thanks Guys for allowing us to spend your day with you. We had an absolute blast!

Chelsea’s Bridal Portraits

We are  so excited to finally be able to blog these! We have been sitting on them for the last month waiting for the big day to finally get here. Chelsea and Rj’s pictures will be blogged in the next couple days. Chelsea looked so beautiful and made the most amazing bride. Thanks Chels for being so wonderful.

-Erika Liz Photography