Drew and Megan

Drew and Megan are the cutest couple ever! We went over to Sons Chapel and took a couple pics then to the most beautiful field ever to finish our shoot! Thanks guys you guys really are great!



Thank Guys,



Alex and McKinzie

Alex and McKinzie are one of our new couples who are getting married. They will be getting married in August at the gorgeous Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, AR! We had a great time taking pics. The weather even turned out great. Thanks guys and Congrats you guys are great together!

Thanks, Liz

Senior Portraits {Whitney Walker ’09}

Whitney is another Springdale 2009 Senior! Congrats to all you girls, it truely has been a pleasure working with you. Whitney is planning to attend college at NWACC this fall semester. Her and Tawny Rogers (whom I photographed earlier) plan on being roommates. We spent part of the day enjoying the weather and just being outside while shooting. Just a quick useless piece of information for you about Whitney………….she HATES bugs! 🙂

Here’s a few favorites:






Shelby Greenwood SR ’09

Shelby is really a great girl! Not only is she absolutly beautiful but her personality is amazing! It was so cold I dont even know how she managed to be in a dress for more then a couple seconds but to do it for a couple hours shes brave! She will be attending UofA in the fall, congrats and thank you for letting me spend the day with you and your family.

Veronica – SR 09

Veronica is such a cute sweet girl.  We had fun exploring new places to shoot in Fayetteville.  We had quite some adventures that day, I’m sure she can tell you all about it!   She is another one of our Springdale seniors this year and plans on attending U of A in the fall.  Congrats!

A few favorites:








Payton is my second newborn in less then a month, which is a HUGE surprise since I could go all year without even doing one! He was born 03/27/2009 to Amber and Nolan from Farmington. Congrats to you both to a beautiful little BOY!

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We sorta were wondering who we are writing to, who is reading this delicious blog anyways?  So we thought we would have you guys help us out in determining our audience…….which led to “Comment to Win!”

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We want you guys to come to our blog and comment on something, anything!  We will be randomly selecting a winner according to what number of commenter they are.  It does not matter what you comment or which image or anything else for that matter, just as long as you do comment.   You must comment to win.

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We want to provide ample time for participation so we will be running this contest until Sunday March 29th at midnight.

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Although we’ve mentioned it doesn’t matter what you say and has no bearing upon if you win or not, you still may be wondering what in the world you could say in a comment.  So just for you we’ve thought of a few things you could tell us……..you could let us know which image is your favorite, your favorite story, what state you live in, your experience with us, your favorite color, or simply just let us know you read the blog today!  The possibilities are endless…….who knows we might offer another prize to the comment that made us laugh the hardest!

We are keeping the prize a secret as of right now in hopes that it will encourage more people to comment!  Who knows we might just have to award a custom prize…………….oooooh  how cool is that!