Comment to Win!!!

Why are we doing this:

We sorta were wondering who we are writing to, who is reading this delicious blog anyways?  So we thought we would have you guys help us out in determining our audience…….which led to “Comment to Win!”

How it works:

We want you guys to come to our blog and comment on something, anything!  We will be randomly selecting a winner according to what number of commenter they are.  It does not matter what you comment or which image or anything else for that matter, just as long as you do comment.   You must comment to win.

Where it’s at:

On our blog just click the title of the post you want to comment on, scroll to the bottom and there will be a Leave a Reply yellow box, write your comment and click submit comment, simple enough right?

When does it end:

We want to provide ample time for participation so we will be running this contest until Sunday March 29th at midnight.

Who can comment:

We encourage any and all to comment.  We don’t care if you are family, friends, current clients, future clients, fellow photographers, doesn’t matter you can still win!

What to say:

Although we’ve mentioned it doesn’t matter what you say and has no bearing upon if you win or not, you still may be wondering what in the world you could say in a comment.  So just for you we’ve thought of a few things you could tell us…… could let us know which image is your favorite, your favorite story, what state you live in, your experience with us, your favorite color, or simply just let us know you read the blog today!  The possibilities are endless…….who knows we might offer another prize to the comment that made us laugh the hardest!

We are keeping the prize a secret as of right now in hopes that it will encourage more people to comment!  Who knows we might just have to award a custom prize…………….oooooh  how cool is that!


8 Responses

  1. I enjoy reading your blog and check it out at least once a week. I love your photos and sometimes even “borrow” your ideas for a different take on my own photos. I only hope to be able to do what you gals do someday on my own. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey, I’m commenting; ha-ha! I’m not sure if I was to win how exactly you’d contact me because it says that my e-mail won’t be published… or perhaps you have the ability to see what the e-mail address is… humm… Interesting… LOL

    I’d love to win something though; ha-ha!

  3. I read it! I really like the photos you two take! Keep it up…I love reading it.

  4. I so proud I taught Erika how to use one element of photoshop… Now she dominates photoshop!

  5. Ever since Caleb has showed me your work we have been HUGE fans! You truly have a God-given talent! =)

  6. Alright missy… I decided to comment. Not because I want the wonderful prize, but because I see more comment requests on my facebook than I do anything else!!! I do read your blog, about 1-2 times a week…and any time I see an interesting picture along with it.

  7. I like your contemporary wedding photos. They remind me of Hudson Photography (which are impossible to schedule unless you plan it a year in advance and sell your arms and legs to pay for it..). Wish you were around sooner..Eric and I only have 1 picture from Texas the day we were married, and it looks like ants standing in front of the Houston temple.

  8. I’m commenting!! But the contest is over …. (yes, I planned it that way!)
    You two are so SO talented! My favs are from PJ and Erin’s wedding 😀 … OH wait, that one shot Kez took of the Marine wedding recently through the branches …. WOW … oh wait, one bridal from ages ago …. and that one senior session ….. man, I just can’t narrow this down to just one, can I? Oh, well …. everything you do is amazing!!

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