So we talk and write a few words you might be saying “WHAT?” “What’s that?”

Basically we’re going to clear up the world of photographer lingo for you.

Album= A book constructed of fine workmanship, usually with a leather cover, thick durable pages, more like the size of a textbook just thicker pages.

Anti-Bridal= A shoot with bride and groom in their wedding attire, occurs after the wedding within one year.

Bridal Party= All bridesmaids, maid of honor, matron of honor, junior bridesmaid, flower girl, groomsmen, best man, and ring bearer.

Bridals= A shoot containing only the bride in her wedding gown, occurring before the wedding date.

Coffee Table Book= A book constructed of magazine style paper. So the book is pretty thin about the size of a Cosmo Magazine.

Digital CD= Your negatives on a CD so you can do what you please with them.

E-Session= Basically an engagement session, which is the two newly engaged couple in daily attire.

First Sight= The couple is kept separated until they are both dressed and ready, when the bride lets us know she’s ready the groom stands at the ceremony site with his back towards her. She can be escorted by her father here still. When she is ready to walk down the aisle she tells him and he then can turn around and see her for the first time in her stunningness! During this time you are able to talk, hug, and express emotions that you may feel uncomfortable to do in front of all your guests. This seems the best way to allow for couple pictures and be able to make it to the reception immediately following the ceremony.

Online Gallery= This is a site that hosts your images online. This helpful for family that lives out of town, just send them the link and they can just call or email their order to us on their own (less stress on you!)

Photojournalism= A fancy word that means we aren’t going to follow you around all night and pose you, we’ll catch it all as it happens.

Preview SessionPr= A time for you to come in after your session and look at our work.

Proofs= These are 4×6 prints

We will continue to add more words as we see fit.

If you have any questions just call us! 479.871.8932


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