Big news for Erika Liz Photography / Erika Dotson Photography

Hey Guys!

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard Erika Liz Photography no longer exists (we’ll except to a few previous booked clients)!  Ok ok ok so I know you’ll be asking all these questions in your mind so I’ll try to answer them all for you, if in the event you are still left wondering about something be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.

Q) What is going on?

A) Erika will still be trudging along here in Northwest Arkansas and still providing you with wedding photography as well as portrait photography so be sure to schedule those fall portraits today!  Be they seniors, families, or just for fun!

Liz on the other hand has moved on to bigger and better things.  She has moved to Dallas, TX to pursue the work of the ministry.  I know that’s a big goal for them and she will still be shooting down there as well, so if you’re a Dallas, TX blog reader be sure to give her a call. So congrats to her and good luck!

Q) You still have packages that include a second shooter, who will that be?

A) We have a list of highly qualified second shooters that we find very talented and capable of providing you with amazing wedding photography!  So no worries.

Q) What is the new website for Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography?

A) It will be Erika Dotson Photography!!!!  That’s exciting!  But be sure to have a bit of patience with me as I am in the process of transferring all the technical websity stuff.  I will have a new blog up very soon so be sure to subscribe to that one when it’s launched!

Ok that’s all for now I’m getting sleepy.




Cambree SR 09

Cambree is my neighbor and she contacted me one day to do her senior pictures.  It was a really cold and windy day and Cambree is one tough girl to brave that weather in fitted t-shirts!   Cambree is a Huntsville Eagle.  She’s on the varsity soccer team and has straight A’s.  I know how hard it is to balance school and sports so well done Cambree.  I think she is planning on attending the U of A in the fall.  (sorry if I’m incorrect!)  As we shot around Huntsville we stopped to enjoy some hot chocolate from a local coffee shop and flea market.  Here’s a few of my favorites:











Tyler and Amanda – February 26th, 2008

My cousin in-law had a very simple yet beautiful wedding that I have yet to post about.  I was not intending on posting any from his wedding but I fell in love with this image and just had to share!  Their wedding photos will be completed on Thursday.