About the Artists

we are erika dorie dotson and liz tunnell. we are based in northwest arkansas, but we shoot weddings all over and love to travel. we have fun at our job, so that makes us happy people. we love working alongside happy people also. you get not one photographer, but two. no assistants here. it’s always us. isn’t that great?

So who are you?

Erika and Liz are both very talented self taught photographers. Attending their fair share of photography classes and online workshops they have increased their education immensely. One day they were both on assignment at Withrow Park. Curious they confronted each other and exchanged business cards. They kept in contact via myspace off and on. They also attended photography classes together for a short period. But it wasn’t until Erika had a death in the family causing her absence at a scheduled wedding that she would call upon Liz to help her out. Liz arrived as the photographer at the Kispert wedding, while Erika was in California at her great aunt (AKA Grandma Sandy- her artistic hero)’s funeral. Erika and Liz talked over the phone that day about the wedding and decided that when Erika got back to Arkansas that they would pursue a business together. That was in 2007. They now own a studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas where they currently serve Northwest Arkansas.


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