This blog will rest in peace…..

Hey guys,

It is now official….. this blog will no longer be blogging!  With that said make sure you check out our new blog for

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography !!!!!!




Alright it’s coming!!! In just 2 more Sundays!!!!

NWA Bridal Fair will be at the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers!!!  It is so much fun!  I had a blast last year and I’m sure this year will be twice the fun!  It will be on Sept. 27th from 12:30 to 5pm.  Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!  We will be located in the main aisle this year  🙂   Erika Dotson Photography (because it’s just me!)



Big news for Erika Liz Photography / Erika Dotson Photography

Hey Guys!

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard Erika Liz Photography no longer exists (we’ll except to a few previous booked clients)!  Ok ok ok so I know you’ll be asking all these questions in your mind so I’ll try to answer them all for you, if in the event you are still left wondering about something be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.

Q) What is going on?

A) Erika will still be trudging along here in Northwest Arkansas and still providing you with wedding photography as well as portrait photography so be sure to schedule those fall portraits today!  Be they seniors, families, or just for fun!

Liz on the other hand has moved on to bigger and better things.  She has moved to Dallas, TX to pursue the work of the ministry.  I know that’s a big goal for them and she will still be shooting down there as well, so if you’re a Dallas, TX blog reader be sure to give her a call. So congrats to her and good luck!

Q) You still have packages that include a second shooter, who will that be?

A) We have a list of highly qualified second shooters that we find very talented and capable of providing you with amazing wedding photography!  So no worries.

Q) What is the new website for Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography?

A) It will be Erika Dotson Photography!!!!  That’s exciting!  But be sure to have a bit of patience with me as I am in the process of transferring all the technical websity stuff.  I will have a new blog up very soon so be sure to subscribe to that one when it’s launched!

Ok that’s all for now I’m getting sleepy.



Melissa Senior ’09

We have had some great girls from Greenwood this year and Melissa is no exception. Shes going to be attending BYU in the fall and become a nurse. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and good luck to the future!


Amy Borota 2009 SR

Amy has the most amazing eyes I’ve seen in a while!!!  She’s gorgeous.  Amy is the goalie for the Greenwood Bulldogs down in Greenwood.  She’s planning on attending UCA.  We shared alot of interests and had alot of fun.  We both like soccer, we both have a huge interest in Chemistry (that will be her major), we both enjoy Mary Higgens Clark books, and I went to UCA my first year of college!  Wow.  We love it when our seniors come really prepared like Amy was, she had all her clothes and matching jewelry on hangers ready to go (definately made it easier for us and much quicker).  We wish you luck Amy and Congrats!

Here’s a few favorites so far:

I told you amazing eyes and love those freckles!



Oh I almost forgot a little background to our session, Amy is such a trooper!  Apparently her mother was to leave her car for Amy to drive up to Fayetteville in, since Amy’s car isn’t in the best of shape, well mom forgot so that left Amy to venture up to us in her own car.  Bad idea.  Amy called me upset with her car, as she said she saw parts coming off, I would be upset too, and let me know she wasn’t going to make it to her session.  I said that’s ok we’ll reschedule.  Not long after our conversation I got another phone call from Amy.  “Hey my sister lives in Fayetteville and she’s coming to pick me up do you think we could still shoot today?”  I said sure come on in!  We started several hours later than planned but that’s ok because we still got some amazing shots.

With that story I thought it was only fitting to post this one next



l2319Once again those eyes are gorgeous!

Funny Story

So I get home and I’ve totally been on this gardening kick and been super excited about it.  I planted some seeds yesterday so I decided to get the hose out and water my little seeds in hopes they will grow big and strong in two weeks.  There I am getting out the hose and I find this really old vintage waterer.  Oh that’s awesome!  I’m going to water my seeds first then I’ll attach this thing and water the grass.  I clean it out a little with the water and continue watering my seeds.  Then I cinch the hose and attempt to attach it to this waterer, well my hand slips and this is what happens…..


I thought I just had some water on my face so I went to the bathroom to wipe down my face and I looked up to this!  I had no clue!  I laughed out loud I thought it was so funny.  Hopefully this image will find you and your day will be brightened by my goofiness!

RJ & Chelsea

Congrats to our newest Bride and Groom! They will be getting married April 18th at the Magnolia Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Springdale, AR! They are both missionaries and shortly after their wedding they will be moving to Portland, OR to help start up a church. We will be doing their engagement photos next weekend so stay tuned! Congratulations and we cant wait to share your big day with you guys!