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What to expect

Your ultimate dream wedding is finally over so now what?

You should expect:
1) We will blog a sneak peek of your wedding within two weeks of your wedding day.

2) Your online gallery will be available one month after your wedding date. We will color correct and edit approximately 400 images.

3) Six weeks after your wedding we will mail your CD of digital images. We will need a current mailing address after you marry for this purpose. Be sure to download and backup your discs because once you receive them we are no longer responsible for them.

4) Once you find time you will need to select about 20 of your wedding favorites so we can get started creating your wedding album. Make sure to select a few getting ready pictures, bridesmaids, groomsmen, favorites of you two together, and the rest of the details, the wedding, and the reception.

5) We will then design a rough draft of your album and post it in the same location as your online gallery. You will need to let us know what changes you would like to make. The first five changes are free of charge but after that we start charging $25/per image.
REMEMBER: In our signed contract it states that if you don’t send in your album approval within one year of your wedding date you lose your album. Please don’t wait a year!

6) Once you’ve approved your album design we’ll email you an approval form. You will need to sign this and email it back with your desired requests: cover images, leather color, and stamped names, etc.

7) We will then send off your album to print and we’ll all wait.

8) About 6 weeks later it will be shipped to our house and we’ll send it off to you!

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