Big news for Erika Liz Photography / Erika Dotson Photography

Hey Guys!

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard Erika Liz Photography no longer exists (we’ll except to a few previous booked clients)!  Ok ok ok so I know you’ll be asking all these questions in your mind so I’ll try to answer them all for you, if in the event you are still left wondering about something be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.

Q) What is going on?

A) Erika will still be trudging along here in Northwest Arkansas and still providing you with wedding photography as well as portrait photography so be sure to schedule those fall portraits today!  Be they seniors, families, or just for fun!

Liz on the other hand has moved on to bigger and better things.  She has moved to Dallas, TX to pursue the work of the ministry.  I know that’s a big goal for them and she will still be shooting down there as well, so if you’re a Dallas, TX blog reader be sure to give her a call. So congrats to her and good luck!

Q) You still have packages that include a second shooter, who will that be?

A) We have a list of highly qualified second shooters that we find very talented and capable of providing you with amazing wedding photography!  So no worries.

Q) What is the new website for Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography?

A) It will be Erika Dotson Photography!!!!  That’s exciting!  But be sure to have a bit of patience with me as I am in the process of transferring all the technical websity stuff.  I will have a new blog up very soon so be sure to subscribe to that one when it’s launched!

Ok that’s all for now I’m getting sleepy.




All new things with Liz and Family!

The new year is in full swing! My husband has been gone for a few weeks and were going to go see him tomorrow for a few days in Alabama! Were super excited to see him! Sarah is singing the main part of SUPER TROOPER for the high school musical, Gavin is now 4! 4! I really cant believe how much time has flown by. It took him a little while but his speech and personality are truly coming out and I think I got a crazy kid. Emma will be 3 on the 6th of April. It makes me sad and long for a new baby! I’m so blessed so why not be even more blessed! I have been working hard with my business and life. As a mom I think a break is a nonexistent word. Here are some recent pics of all the kids even Sarah.

She really doesn’t like this pic but I do and that’s what counts!

This is for sure Emma’s most natural laugh!

Hes getting so good at posing for the camera! I really think out of my two babies he will be the photographer! He already poses Emma and takes her pic with my cell phone!

My kids taking creative control!

And we got her ears pierced, Not on tear just a joyful “Mom that lady pinched my ear”

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This is totally one of my favorites!

So I know I’ve posted this before but that’s just how much I love it!  I wanted to share this site with all those newly engaged couples out there.  We hope that this website can inspire you to think outside the “traditional” wedding box.  Spend some time here and prepare to get inspired!



RJ & Chelsea

Congrats to our newest Bride and Groom! They will be getting married April 18th at the Magnolia Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Springdale, AR! They are both missionaries and shortly after their wedding they will be moving to Portland, OR to help start up a church. We will be doing their engagement photos next weekend so stay tuned! Congratulations and we cant wait to share your big day with you guys!

Mark & Shiloh

Mark and Shiloh are both in college at Missouri Southern in Joplin, MO. We found in awesome train junk yard, it was amazing I never wanted to leave. We had a blast and came out with some amazing engagement photos. We will also be doing their wedding on May 23rd in Kansas City at the amazing ART INCABUS! Congrats!







































































Congrats to our newest clients!

We are excited to announce our newest couple Chris and John! They will be getting married on May 30, 2009 at Our Lady of the Holy Souls in Little Rock and we can’t wait!  Chris and I attended the University of Arkansas together and graduated out of the Dietetics program.  I believe she is now at ULAR during her Dietetic Internship then off to take the RD exam and become a wonderful Dietitian.