Have a Happy Moms Day!

I had my two nieces and my two kids today and I attempted to do a shoot of all four LOL. I think that’s the hardest thing to do. Four kids four and under!

My nieces Maddison and Shae.

We decided our props from the boogie both would add some humor. Maddison looks just like a 50’s nerd! She thinks so anyways!

I love this pic I will cherish it forever. LOL

And finally to all you moms soon to be moms one day moms this is a BIG HUGE

~Liz Tunnell



Payton is my second newborn in less then a month, which is a HUGE surprise since I could go all year without even doing one! He was born 03/27/2009 to Amber and Nolan from Farmington. Congrats to you both to a beautiful little BOY!

Christina and Kade Decker

Christina and Kade Decker live across the street from me and I was so honored to be their photographer!   They were so excited to have a new baby brother!  Litte Kade was being a little fussy so we snuck some pics of Christina in too!









Bookmark Us!!!

Ok so I found this awesome ummmm thing? online!!!!

So you know how you bookmark websites (our website http://www.erikalizphotography.com) on your PC and then later you are over at a friends house and you are so excited to show them this super awesome picture (we took of you and/or your family) but darn you can’t remember the site name for the life of you? Ok well problem solved!  This site is awesome!  Delicious is super cool it takes your bookmarks and puts them online so if you go to another computer you can access your bookmarks!  SWEET!

Ok so now everyone go to www.delicious.com and install the delicious bar and mark our page!

www.erikalizphotography.com – website

www.erikalizphotography.wordpress.com – blog (to keep you updated!)

Eric and Mindy

We met up with Eric and Mindi at the Tulsa State Fair. They had a blast acting like famous movie stars!
Thanks for a wonderful shoot!

Turnbull Twins

Turnbull Twins

Lindsey is getting married so I offered a complimentary session of these two.  We had a lot of fun!