Danielle and Remington – February 21, 2009

I was so excited when Danielle and Remington wanted me to take their wedding pictures!!!  I go to church with them in Fayetteville and they are so adorable!  They were married in the LDS Dallas Temple February 21, 2009.  We were able to spend a few hours before in downtown Dallas and then after the ceremony on the temple grounds taking pictures, so they’ve got tons of couple pictures!  Yay those are my favorite.

I want to clarify something for those readers who do not know very much about a LDS temple wedding.  First of all LDS church or (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or AKA “Mormons”) have what they call temples.  Basically any worthy member of the church who holds a temple recommend (has been interviewed and found worthy) can and is encourage to get married in the temple.  There are temples all over the world, I think there are currently 126, but don’t quote me on that.  Unfortunately for us photographers they like the temple to be a sacred place so they do not allow photography inside, hence no “ceremony” photos.  But that’s ok because we get tons of awesome couple pictures!!!

We set up a “first sight”.






Ashley Mays

I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley Mays from Springdale on Wednesdsay afternoon.  She was such a sweet girl and seems like she knows what she’s doing.  She’s taking some college classes so hopefully she’ll start college ahead!  Way to go Ashley.  I also shot a few other of Ashley’s friends from Springdale, Cassidy Thompson and Carly Burbank (we’ll be shooting her sisters wedding in April and sometime soon her twin brothers senior portraits as well!)  We wish you the best of luck Ashley as you finish your senior year!  (oh and she’s going to U of A…………..yea!!!!) -> so I’m a little biased! 🙂 GO HOGS!!!

Here’s just a few of my favorites, more to come next week, so keep your eyes open!




Congrats to our newest clients!

We are excited to announce our newest couple Chris and John! They will be getting married on May 30, 2009 at Our Lady of the Holy Souls in Little Rock and we can’t wait!  Chris and I attended the University of Arkansas together and graduated out of the Dietetics program.  I believe she is now at ULAR during her Dietetic Internship then off to take the RD exam and become a wonderful Dietitian.

Augusta and Zach – December 27, 2008

Congratulations to Augusta and Zachary Wyatt!  We now share the same wedding anniversary! They were married at the beautiful Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista.


Their theme was a rustic Christmas and their flowers were just that and absolutely amazing thanks to Flora of Fayetteville.


Sunshine at Shine Salon of Fayetteville did a fantastic job on everyone’s hair!  We had a blast there as we all shared our most embarrassing moments, but Sunshine topped us all!


This beautiful Celtic inspired cake was provided by Shelby Lynn’s of Springdale, as well as the coolest cake I’ve seen for a grooms cake………..chess anyone?



Their reception was catered and held at the Garden Room off of Dickson St.  They have an awesome staff that took care of us!  Thanks!



A special thanks to Darline of The North Forty for doing an excellent job planning this special day for Augusta and Zach.

Cassidy Thompson

When Cassidy walked in I was so excited! She was wearing this pink peacoat and awesome scarf. She proceeded to inform me that she brought a lot of clothes! I just replied “better to have too many than not enough”. To all the seniors looking at this page right now….learn from Cassidy. Bring tons of different outfits, coats, scarves, hats, jewelry, shoes, dressy, casual, ripped jeans (which she accidently forgot to bring 😦 , lots of VARIETY, and just come to hang out and have a great time being beautiful! Thanks to the folks at Flat Rock Clay Supplies we were able to get some awesome shots! We really appreciate them allowing us to use their area to shoot so if you’re interested in pottery classes check out their site they have TONS of classes for all abilities!





Danielle SR 09

Danielle was such a treat to photograph. She’s a complete natural, I don’t even know if I told her what to do even one time! Her boyfriend tagged along and we made sure to get a few shots with him as well.





We are excited to announce three new couples we get to share their special day with!

Congrats to Devon Staneart and Michael Medina who will be getting hitched at
Scarpino’s on January 10, 2008!

She has some amazing bridal portraits to be looking out for!

Congrats to Erin Bowlin and PJ Nichols! They will be married at Cooper Chapel on January 4, 2008!

Check out their awesome night engagements with Clyde their bulldog!

Congrats to Erin Riley and Manny Vera! We are excited to announce their upcoming wedding on
July 11, 2008 at St. Raffael’s in Springdale and their reception will be held at the Pratt Place Barn!