Mark and Shilohs Wedding Sneak Peak!

Mark and Shiloh got married in Kansas City, MO at the most awesome art gallery the Art Incabator. I only have a couple finished but thought I would go ahead and posted a couple of the Bride and Groom Shots!

And one more just because I love it!

I’ll post more in a couple weeks.



Shiloh’s Bridals

We had been working on her wedding for the last few days before we had taken these photos. We were both pretty much exhausted and even worse we locked the keys in the car!! In Downtown Kansas City! Anyways we manged to pull off some awesome shots still! Thanks Shi. I love you and you looked stunning!

Since we were in Kansas City we HAD to use a grafitti wall since we have none here!


Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to take a second and wish Liz a Happy Birthday!  We will be traveling to Little Rock today for Chris and John’s wedding and I wanted to express how thankful I was to have such a wonderful and comitted business partner!  I would never want to shoot a wedding on my birthday!  –  but don’t get me wrong I would if someone wanted to book!

Liz has been such a wonderful leader and mentor to me over the last few years that I have known her.  She is a very talented photographer and a great mom!  I really wonder sometimes how she balances her time so well to raise two little ones and still be on top of her super photography skills!

Happy Birthday Liz!

Thank you for being so great!


Alex and McKinzie

Alex and McKinzie are one of our new couples who are getting married. They will be getting married in August at the gorgeous Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, AR! We had a great time taking pics. The weather even turned out great. Thanks guys and Congrats you guys are great together!

Thanks, Liz

Here’s your something borrowed….

I just found this website off of Twitter, but this is amazing… your wedding jewelry who would have thought?


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Have a Happy Moms Day!

I had my two nieces and my two kids today and I attempted to do a shoot of all four LOL. I think that’s the hardest thing to do. Four kids four and under!

My nieces Maddison and Shae.

We decided our props from the boogie both would add some humor. Maddison looks just like a 50’s nerd! She thinks so anyways!

I love this pic I will cherish it forever. LOL

And finally to all you moms soon to be moms one day moms this is a BIG HUGE

~Liz Tunnell

MSSU ZETA Composite Photos

I had the pleasure of photographing the ZETA girls from MSSU in Joplin MO. They are so many different types of girls in this soriety that makes them truly a unique and amazing chapter. Thanks girls!  Liz



Here is the link to the rest of the photos!