Big news for Erika Liz Photography / Erika Dotson Photography

Hey Guys!

I have some exciting news for everyone!!!!!!

If you haven’t heard Erika Liz Photography no longer exists (we’ll except to a few previous booked clients)!  Ok ok ok so I know you’ll be asking all these questions in your mind so I’ll try to answer them all for you, if in the event you are still left wondering about something be sure to shoot me an email and I’ll answer whatever you’ve got.

Q) What is going on?

A) Erika will still be trudging along here in Northwest Arkansas and still providing you with wedding photography as well as portrait photography so be sure to schedule those fall portraits today!  Be they seniors, families, or just for fun!

Liz on the other hand has moved on to bigger and better things.  She has moved to Dallas, TX to pursue the work of the ministry.  I know that’s a big goal for them and she will still be shooting down there as well, so if you’re a Dallas, TX blog reader be sure to give her a call. So congrats to her and good luck!

Q) You still have packages that include a second shooter, who will that be?

A) We have a list of highly qualified second shooters that we find very talented and capable of providing you with amazing wedding photography!  So no worries.

Q) What is the new website for Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography?

A) It will be Erika Dotson Photography!!!!  That’s exciting!  But be sure to have a bit of patience with me as I am in the process of transferring all the technical websity stuff.  I will have a new blog up very soon so be sure to subscribe to that one when it’s launched!

Ok that’s all for now I’m getting sleepy.




Chris and John Leach

Chris and John were married on May 30th in a gorgeous Little Rock Chapel,  Our Lady of the Holy Souls Catholic Church.   Chris and John were both very laid back and easy going, making it a wonderful smooth sailing wedding.  Their reception was just the same and fun of lots of laughter and cheer.  We want to wish you many happy years together!  I will be posting a link shortly were you will be able to see the rest of their wedding album.  But here’s a few teasers to curb your Chris and John appetite!

I told you this chapel was gorgeous!


The happily married couple!


I believe this is happily married as well……..  🙂


I saw these place cards and loved the handwriting, Chris will you please make me a new font!


I’m a huge sucker for dad and daughter moments!  Chris’ dad was so funny and such a nice guy.  I’m honored to have met him.


Both of them graduated from U of A, hence the Razorback cake.



We wish you warm wishes and many happy years together Chris and John!

Be sure to watch out for a post later with a link to their wedding gallery!


Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to take a second and wish Liz a Happy Birthday!  We will be traveling to Little Rock today for Chris and John’s wedding and I wanted to express how thankful I was to have such a wonderful and comitted business partner!  I would never want to shoot a wedding on my birthday!  –  but don’t get me wrong I would if someone wanted to book!

Liz has been such a wonderful leader and mentor to me over the last few years that I have known her.  She is a very talented photographer and a great mom!  I really wonder sometimes how she balances her time so well to raise two little ones and still be on top of her super photography skills!

Happy Birthday Liz!

Thank you for being so great!


Update to the new puppies…………….

We actually now have 6 puppies total!!!  About two hours after I made my previous post we had another brown puppy!!!  Way to go Roxy what a trooper!

Puppies are finally here!!!!

As I came home today I noticed that Roxy didn’t run out to greet me, now normally this would be weird but I was about 30 minutes later getting home than usual.  So I began to call her name……..Rox…………Roooooox………Roxy!  No response.  Then I walk around to the front of the house and notice some pretty gross looking stuff on the porch.  “Yay”  I thougtht!  Sure enough  I walked up to her doggie house and there she was with some little puppies all crying!  Unfortunately one little guy didn’t make it, although I don’t think it was his destiny since he didn’t look quite developed.  She has 5 beautiful little puppies and as you can see three little blackies and two brownies!  I’m so happy!  Roxy is such a wonderful girl and she’s pooped!


Funny Story

So I get home and I’ve totally been on this gardening kick and been super excited about it.  I planted some seeds yesterday so I decided to get the hose out and water my little seeds in hopes they will grow big and strong in two weeks.  There I am getting out the hose and I find this really old vintage waterer.  Oh that’s awesome!  I’m going to water my seeds first then I’ll attach this thing and water the grass.  I clean it out a little with the water and continue watering my seeds.  Then I cinch the hose and attempt to attach it to this waterer, well my hand slips and this is what happens…..


I thought I just had some water on my face so I went to the bathroom to wipe down my face and I looked up to this!  I had no clue!  I laughed out loud I thought it was so funny.  Hopefully this image will find you and your day will be brightened by my goofiness!

Angelfire New Mexico

We just got back last night from Angelfire New Mexico where we went skiing (well everyone else skied – I can only snowboard).  My husband and I had such a wonderful time getting to know our family just a little better.  The first day we arrived we tried to go sledding because the lifts closed at 4pm, but it started snowing and all the fresh snow made sledding an impossible venture! We got refunded and went off to rent our equipment and check into our nice little condo cabinish room.  The next day we headed out and were of the first on the slope.  My husband and I snowboarded the first day.  The little girls were enrolled in ski school (they loved it and were great!) Everyone else skied.  We were out all day and when the lifts closed we took a break in the hot tub and pool for the night.  The next day my husband decided to ski instead.  We had a good time watching Will ski for the first time as well as his three little girls.  We had a few little blunders like our car starting to mess up 12 miles before Will’s grandparents house and having to borrow their car for the rest of the trip from Channing, Texas, but we all made it back safe and sound and greatful for all the work everyone did to make our trip such a wonderful vacation full of memories for years to come! Just a few of my favorite shots from the trip.

sany0352Will, Tracy, Tyler, Luke, myself, and Tw at the top of the Chili Pepper Express.  Our only adult skiers/snowboarders group shot.

dsc03666Husband and me

img_9502All the skiers…….TW, Tyler, Luke, Tracy, Will

img_9528Weird enough we were talking about how weird would it be if we saw people we knew while we were there.  I was standing right next to the terrain park waiting on TW to come and jump so I could snap a photo when behind me someone says “you’re from Mena right?”  I turned around with a puzzled look and said “yes?” his next words were “you’re Erika Simmons”.  At this point I am blown away and thinking how on earth could someone tell who I was standing on the side of this park with a camera in my snow outfit?  Turns out it was Will’s (bro in law) first ski trip so up the mountain he had a little tumble and this guy stopped and asked if he was ok.  They got to talking and Will told him where I was.  This is Kirby and Gayanna Proffitt.  I went to high school with them for a short while.  Wow we live in a small world!

dsc03559Here’s TW and his wonderful momma.  She wanted to get pictures of how much it was snowing.  It snowed everyday that we were there, it was AWESOME!





I was coming in from our last run and I was trying to stop and hit an ice patch and fell flat on my behind…..oh that hurt!  Thanks to Vicky I’ve got a photo to show my awesome snowboarding skills.


My last photo.  My husband would be mad if I didn’t post this awesome jump of him.  🙂

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