All new things with Liz and Family!

The new year is in full swing! My husband has been gone for a few weeks and were going to go see him tomorrow for a few days in Alabama! Were super excited to see him! Sarah is singing the main part of SUPER TROOPER for the high school musical, Gavin is now 4! 4! I really cant believe how much time has flown by. It took him a little while but his speech and personality are truly coming out and I think I got a crazy kid. Emma will be 3 on the 6th of April. It makes me sad and long for a new baby! I’m so blessed so why not be even more blessed! I have been working hard with my business and life. As a mom I think a break is a nonexistent word. Here are some recent pics of all the kids even Sarah.

She really doesn’t like this pic but I do and that’s what counts!

This is for sure Emma’s most natural laugh!

Hes getting so good at posing for the camera! I really think out of my two babies he will be the photographer! He already poses Emma and takes her pic with my cell phone!

My kids taking creative control!

And we got her ears pierced, Not on tear just a joyful “Mom that lady pinched my ear”


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  1. I’m confused… does Erika have kids?

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