Puppies are finally here!!!!

As I came home today I noticed that Roxy didn’t run out to greet me, now normally this would be weird but I was about 30 minutes later getting home than usual.  So I began to call her name……..Rox…………Roooooox………Roxy!  No response.  Then I walk around to the front of the house and notice some pretty gross looking stuff on the porch.  “Yay”  I thougtht!  Sure enough  I walked up to her doggie house and there she was with some little puppies all crying!  Unfortunately one little guy didn’t make it, although I don’t think it was his destiny since he didn’t look quite developed.  She has 5 beautiful little puppies and as you can see three little blackies and two brownies!  I’m so happy!  Roxy is such a wonderful girl and she’s pooped!



4 Responses

  1. AWH!! the newborn pictures are precious! 🙂

  2. How cute! Puppies are so cute, too bad they don’t stay that way 🙂

  3. Of course I’m going to comment on this one…DUH! Roxy, Heidi and Molly need to have a play date. I better win this prize, and it better be eleventy million dollars 🙂

  4. this makes me wish i had a girl lab! i love puppies! i wish my lab had stayed a pup.

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