Chelsea and RJ

Chelsea and RJ made us smile from the first  moment we met them.  They were so much fun and full of love for each other.  They are an amazing couple that plan to spend a majority of their lives serving the Lord and traveling the world.   We are excited about celebrating their love at their upcoming wedding April 18th.  We also shot some great bridals of Chelsea but you’ll have to wait till after the wedding to see those……   I know I know ………………bummer.  We’ll all have to learn a little bit of patience this month I guess!  🙂

Here are some of our favs:









5 Responses

  1. These pictures are the coolest and most creative I’ve ever seen. Well done!

  2. They are such a cute couple!

  3. I just thought that I would give you some feedback! I love the last few pictures. I love the creativity and the rustic locations. The one with the meters made me laugh as well as the one outside of the container. Keep up the good work!

  4. I am in love with all of these pictures from the creativity, to the colors. Awesome job!!

  5. That is my son (chip off the ol’ block) in these pics and his NEW bride ! ! ! Absolutly love them both. Can’t wait for the wedding pictures to come out. If they are anything like the quality of these, they will be AWSOME ! ! ! Will be waiting patiently.

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