Angelfire New Mexico

We just got back last night from Angelfire New Mexico where we went skiing (well everyone else skied – I can only snowboard).  My husband and I had such a wonderful time getting to know our family just a little better.  The first day we arrived we tried to go sledding because the lifts closed at 4pm, but it started snowing and all the fresh snow made sledding an impossible venture! We got refunded and went off to rent our equipment and check into our nice little condo cabinish room.  The next day we headed out and were of the first on the slope.  My husband and I snowboarded the first day.  The little girls were enrolled in ski school (they loved it and were great!) Everyone else skied.  We were out all day and when the lifts closed we took a break in the hot tub and pool for the night.  The next day my husband decided to ski instead.  We had a good time watching Will ski for the first time as well as his three little girls.  We had a few little blunders like our car starting to mess up 12 miles before Will’s grandparents house and having to borrow their car for the rest of the trip from Channing, Texas, but we all made it back safe and sound and greatful for all the work everyone did to make our trip such a wonderful vacation full of memories for years to come! Just a few of my favorite shots from the trip.

sany0352Will, Tracy, Tyler, Luke, myself, and Tw at the top of the Chili Pepper Express.  Our only adult skiers/snowboarders group shot.

dsc03666Husband and me

img_9502All the skiers…….TW, Tyler, Luke, Tracy, Will

img_9528Weird enough we were talking about how weird would it be if we saw people we knew while we were there.  I was standing right next to the terrain park waiting on TW to come and jump so I could snap a photo when behind me someone says “you’re from Mena right?”  I turned around with a puzzled look and said “yes?” his next words were “you’re Erika Simmons”.  At this point I am blown away and thinking how on earth could someone tell who I was standing on the side of this park with a camera in my snow outfit?  Turns out it was Will’s (bro in law) first ski trip so up the mountain he had a little tumble and this guy stopped and asked if he was ok.  They got to talking and Will told him where I was.  This is Kirby and Gayanna Proffitt.  I went to high school with them for a short while.  Wow we live in a small world!

dsc03559Here’s TW and his wonderful momma.  She wanted to get pictures of how much it was snowing.  It snowed everyday that we were there, it was AWESOME!





I was coming in from our last run and I was trying to stop and hit an ice patch and fell flat on my behind…..oh that hurt!  Thanks to Vicky I’ve got a photo to show my awesome snowboarding skills.


My last photo.  My husband would be mad if I didn’t post this awesome jump of him.  🙂

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