Learning to let God be my healer.

Last night I recieved a text message from Erin who told me about this song. Healer by Hillsong. I listened to it today on the way to the studio. I could feel Gods presence. I began to just praise God telling him how perfect he is for my situation. This last couple weeks has been so hard. My mom is sick, my husband is leaving to go out of town to work, having problems with my computer and much more my 4 year old son has a tumor in his shoulder. Tomorrow we are going to childrens to have it looked at. Im scared nervous and worried. He is my first born and we have had so many medical problems from day one with him and to have one more was unnerving. The song has shown my my GOD is the perfect healer he is right for me and mostly he is there with me. I rarely write about personal events and my personal walk with God but I have felt in the last few months a movement in my own life. Its changing me its changing my family. I didnt make a “New Years Resolution” but have made a life resolution to let God be my center and my number one in my life. Here is the link to the Healer song listen to it and know God is there he can be your Healer!


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  1. May God be your healer. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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