What a great weekend….

I left California on Thursday evening with a dad that is by far improved beyond belief.  That was comforting.  And my story begins………

I flew out of Kansas City so that we could go snowboarding at their neat little place just for some much needed practice.  Well on my way home of course I’m still supposed to be flying into Kansas City.  I  go  look at the departures and find my gate.  I’m sitting there at the gate  and I hear the lady on the intercom tell us our flight is delayed for another hour.  I get out my laptop and start editing.  I started to hear people talk about Rogers and I began to think “that’s odd why are they talking about Rogers, AR if we’re going to Kansas City”?  Tw called me and we were talking and I told him the flight wasn’t going to get in until 1am, which originally it was supposed to be in at midnight.  He wasn’t too happy.  I hung up the phone then it hit me!!!!  I packed all my things up and took off running through the airport looking for those departure tv’s…….oh man!  I missed my flight, apparently when I looked the first time I saw Fayetteville, AR and was sitting at the wrong gate the entire time!  How could I do that?  realizing there was only about 5 flights leaving the Denver airport that night I realized I had to get a ticket to get on that Fayetteville plane or I would be staying the night.  I told the lady my story and she promised me she wouldn’t tell anyone what I had done, I was so embarrased.  Well now the moment of  truth.  My husband loves me so much he was willing to drive all the way to Kansas City by himself as well as miss the big Florida vs. Oklahoma  game.  Then I call him to tell him I have a flight home luckly (the original Fayetteville flight was supposed to leave at 8pm by this time it was boarding and it was 10:15pm) but not to Kansas City, to Fayetteville.  I could be nice and just say he was irritated.  So he’s 27 miles from Kansas City and turns around to come home and pick me up from XNA.  All I can say is I am greatful to have a great husband that didn’t get too mad at me!  🙂

So as for Saturday we were able to spend some time with the amazingly laid back couple, Devon and Michael.  We had such a great time with them as well as the other vendors.  We’ll be posting some of our images this week.  Congrats to the both of you and we wish you the best in your future together as you start your family!

Here’s one of my favorites so far…..


Then yesterday my neice got baptized!  Unfortunatley I forgot my camera, but I know there are some pictures floating around somewhere I’ll get a hold of.  She had so much support backing her up!  It was great to see so many people there that love her so much, especially her daddy.


She’s the one on the left holding up that pink shirt.  Christmas 2008

Oh and this just in……….I just heard that they are sending my dad to the VA hospital in California and doing the out patient surgery for a pacemaker/defibrillator today!  They’ll be staying at his daughters house out there for a day or two then supposed to be home by the end of the week!  YAY!!!!  What great news.  I want to take a second to thank everyone who has kept our family in their prayers!  We really appreciate it!




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